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Do some good! This is what I ask of Enterprise Management Software (EMS) and its vendors. Is it possible? What good comes from an EMS? Is it good for business? Is it good for the vendor? Is it good for both? Read and decide.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

An enterprise architect, clear requirements, and business objectives help – The desire to do some good remains. To do some good, one must meet the requirements of the recipient. Understanding and gathering these requirements is perhaps the greatest challenge faced by the enterprise management software vendor. In more than ten years as an enterprise management consultant, the ability to measure good delivered to any customers does not exist. The reason for this is the lack of deliverable business objectives. The lack of clear business objectives reflects the poor leadership within the enterprise management software companies and within the organizations looking to use these tools. Perhaps an enterprise architect is the answer!


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Interestng to see your blog.
Storage may not even be cheap if you have to increase rack space, open up servers or shut down critical systems.

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