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Do some good! This is what I ask of Enterprise Management Software (EMS) and its vendors. Is it possible? What good comes from an EMS? Is it good for business? Is it good for the vendor? Is it good for both? Read and decide.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dashboards for outsourcers
Is the dashboard (enterprise management software) important when one chooses to take a taxi, bus, or hired car? Absolutely! Just because one chooses to outsource a business objective (get Mr. Jones to work each day by 8 am), the operator requires the same information (speed, fuel levels, temperature, etc) to ensure timely completion of the objective. It is imperative that the business looking to outsource ensure that the chosen provider has the ability to maintain service levels. It does the business no good to outsource the business process and arrive late for work. To do some good, the provider must meet service level objectives.


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